Deliver economic development to the east end

Ottawa’s east end has not seen the level of economic development and commercial investment that we have seen in other areas of the city.

As councillor, I will focus on:

  • Developing economic hubs and transit-oriented development around new LRT stations
  • Fostering economic development through effective tax incentive measures, including using Section 37 of The Planning Act
  • Zoning and planning processes that support employment and business growth
  • Supporting The Ottawa Board of Trade and The Heart of Orleans BIA in their efforts to bring federal jobs to the east end
  • Supporting existing small businesses to ensure they thrive

Take action to improve transportation infrastructure

Road infrastructure has not kept pace with development and we are now at or above capacity on our arterial roads. This lack of transportation infrastructure in our ward has resulted in increased traffic on residential streets, and caused longer commute times for residents

As councillor, I will focus on:

  • Extending Brian Coburn Boulevard
  • Widening the 174, as was done on the 417 in the west end
  • Adding dedicated bus lanes and improving bus routes and services times
  • Ensuring east end LRT stations provide adequate Park & Ride infrastructure, bicycle parking, and safe, well-lit pedestrian infrastructure
  • Filling gaps in our cycling and pedestrian infrastructure

Keep Property Taxes Reasonable, Affordable, and Predictable

Over the past few terms of council, Ottawa has managed to keep property tax increases at a responsible and affordable level. A cap of 2% is a reasonable target for city hall, and it gives taxpayers the predictably they depend on when planning their household budgets. In addition, as your councillor I will hold annual budget meetings with Innes Ward residents that would provide residents with an opportunity to provide their input on how city hall spends their tax dollars.

Protect, enhance and expand our greenspaces

Innes Ward is blessed to have an abundance of green spaces and an extensive tree canopy, all of which make our community such a desirable place to live. Ensuring that new communities have adequate greenspace, while maintaining our existing parks and natural area, is essential to maintaining the quality of life we enjoy in Innes Ward.

As councillor, I will:

  • Bring recreation programming for youth and children to new residential communities
  • Ensure that new residential and retail developments incorporate parks, trees and greenspace into their plans
  • Support waste diversion initiatives that are convenient for residents and reduce waste going into our landfill

Provide the resources to keep our community safe

It is of the utmost importance that the Ottawa Police Services have the resources in place to provide the level of community policing that residents expect.

I am committed to:

  • Ensuring our police officers have the resources they need
  • Working with communities to conduct safety audits and improve infrastructure, like pathways and bus stops, to resolve safety issues
  • Implement traffic calming and speeding enforcement measures on residential streets