Laura Dudas

Laura is a proud Innes Ward resident, who has lived with her husband and three children in Blackburn Hamlet since 2006.  Laura is a dedicated volunteer, a vocal advocate on local issues, and has a proven track record of fighting for the community.

Laura has served as President of the Blackburn Community Association for the past eight years, and been active on the board for 10 years. In that time, she has chaired multiple volunteer boards, organized large-scale events, raised funds for local causes, and organized many public consultations.

Outside of Blackburn Hamlet, Laura has worked to build strong relationships with Orléans’ community associations and groups, collaborating with them to get results on issues that are important to east-end residents. She has been a member of the Orléans Chamber of Commerce and an active supporter of the Heart of Orléans Business Improvement Association.

Professionally, Laura has been a City of Ottawa employee for seven years, providing strategic communications on a wide variety of projects, including ones that directly benefited Innes Ward and Olréans. Prior to that, Laura worked as a journalist for several daily newspapers, including the Ottawa Sun and the Cambridge Reporter.  

Laura has also been active in the community as:

  • Chair of the Harvest Moon 2017 celebration in Barrington Park held in partnership with seven east-end community associations;
  • A member of the Orléans Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion;
  • A member of the Good Shepherd School’s Parent Council and a Girl Guide leader.

As a community advocate, Laura has:

  • Organized a community Accessibility Audit in 2017, in partnership with the Ottawa Council on Aging, to ensure local infrastructure meets the needs of seniors and people with mobility issues;
  • Chaired Blackburn Hamlet’s Beautification Committee, where she successfully obtained funding for new public infrastructure and spearheaded the beautification project for the community’s main intersection in partnership with local businesses;
  • Served as a member of the stakeholder working group, advocating for an extension of Brian Coburn Boulevard that would reroute traffic out of Bradley Estates;
  • Cancer Chase Chair in 2015, a fundraiser for the Ottawa Hospital Foundation;
  • Led a graffiti eradication project that engaged youth;
  • Worked with community members to lobby City Council for improvements to local transit routes, including Route 28, and to address heavy traffic and speeding on residential streets and near schools.