Laura’s dedication to serving the community over the past decade, combined with her experience working at City Hall, has positioned her to be the best candidate to serve on City Council. I know that she will be a strong champion for the residents of Innes Ward and the City of Ottawa.

Councillor Riley Brockington, River Ward

City of Ottawa

I know Laura to be a strong advocate on a range of issues in the east end.

As an artist, I have found Laura extremely supportive in identifying opportunities, networking, and promoting artists, for example, the Orleans Arts Studio Tour.

Laura reaches out to artists and community members for ideas such as placemaking, which is of great interest to her. I joined the beautification team after hearing her talk about the potential of placemaking and for her ability to match volunteers to projects. The beautification team has benefited from her leadership, and the community will benefit from the resulting project.

Laura’s enthusiasm and commitment to the east end are formidable, as exemplified in her gathering seven community associations for The Harvest Moon Party last September, in celebration of Canada 150. Laura received the Ontario150 Award for this and several other endeavours.

Laura has accomplished much for our east end communities as a hard working volunteer. I cannot wait to see what she will accomplish as a City Councilor representing Innes Ward!

—Virginia Dupuis, Visual Artist

Laura Dudas has consistently impressed me with her dedication to accessibility and inclusiveness, prioritizing local businesses, and preserving our green spaces while addressing environmental concerns in our communities. I believe her to be an asset to any community as a leader.

—Holly Ellingwood, Organizer, Orléans Pride

As a person with a disability, a friend of mine introduced me to Laura to share some ideas about what the city could do in terms of accessibility. What has impressed me about Laura is her warmth and openness to listen and to hear about the issues and challenges people are facing.

Having worked with the City, she understands how the City works and is a practical problem-solver, identifying solutions that can be implemented in the short term, while keeping her eyes on long-term goals. I have no doubt that she would be a great Councillor not only for Innes Ward, but also contribute greatly to the betterment of the City as a whole.

—Michael Lifshitz, Illumabilities

Laura Dudas has many qualities that make her a strong candidate for Ottawa City Council in Innes Ward. One of the qualities that distances Laura from many is her awareness of others’ concerns, the ability to listen, and to formulate non-biased options based on her acute observations.

This quality of Laura's is rare and freshening in any political landscape. I recently attended a Town Hall meeting with Laura where east-end transportation issues was the key topic. Not only did Laura have a thorough understanding of the residents’ concerns, she had the insight to bring forward an added solution — to systematically help local businesses build their portfolio and hire more employees resulting in an option for residents to live and work in their own community. This initiative could help local business succeed and, at the same time, alleviate some of the traffic issues in our community.

Ottawa East is growing at a rapid rate and transportation concerns will be a key concern going forward. Many viable options will have to be considered in the short and long term.

Should Laura be elected to represent residents as City Councillor, Innes Ward will be a positive and influential example for other Ottawa wards.

Laura has my support because I truly believe in her initiatives and ability to discuss important issues with our neighbours and find a sustainable solution for all.

Laura's leadership qualities are exactly what Innes Ward and Ottawa needs for the next four years.

—Keith Rogers, Owner of East Coast Limos,

Business Outreach Strategist, Business Intelligence Specialist

In my role as Blackburn Community Association Treasurer, I have worked closely with Laura ever since she joined the Community Association’s executive in 2009. Laura is responsive to residents' needs, is a tireless volunteer, and is knowledgeable about the issues affecting the entire east end.

As our Councillor, I believe that Laura will serve and represent the interests of Innes Ward residents in the same excellent manner that she has demonstrated towards our community association.

Al Ross, Past Treasurer and Past President,

Blackburn Community Association

Laura Dudas has been a community leader for many years. I have observed and worked alongside her for extended periods of time. Her priority has always been helping the community in so many ways.

Although Laura is a busy mother of three children and president of her community association, she constantly contributes to the well-being of the entire Orléans and Ottawa area. Her excellent leadership and organizational skills allow Laura to be effective and achieve positive results for all residents.

Laura’s influence has encouraged many others to work within their own communities and she constantly follows up by mentoring them and providing her support and leadership.

Laura Dudas has a genuine love of community. Her consistent work is indicative of her continued desire to make Innes Ward and all of Orléans a better place for all.

Pat Teolis,

CEO of PG Security Strategies and former Director General, RCMP